My Sad Boring Life

My name is Tic Toc 

I live quite a simple life doing the same thing day in and day out 

Everyday repeating myself over and over again 

I have no friends 

No family 

Nobody wants to talk to me 

Nobody likes me 

I hate my self I hate my life 

All I have is this simple job of telling the time 

My life is nothing 

I have no life

Synonym and personification poems


Cold, gloomy, dim

Perfect for killing tim 


Joy, fun, smiles 

If you are happy you can run for miles
My best friend chair 
One day I was talking to me best friend chair 

He wanted to tell me something 

He told me that he was going to take up tennis as a hobby 

I thought that this was a bad idea 

All of the people at the tennis club would bully chair 

He had one glass eye so he couldn’t see properly 

This would make it hard for chair as he couldn’t see the ball as well as other people 

I felt bad for chair and didn’t want to discourage him 

Or put him off of what he wanted to do 

So I let him be 

Little did I know chair would turn out to be the number 1 tennis player in the world

New formal writing 

One of the biggest problems in sport and competitive sport games is the parents. There are many children getting yelled at all the time at numerous types of sports.

Parents yelling at the children and the referee effects the game and effects the way the game is played out. So many games across New Zealand and the world are being affected by the negative parents. This is a massive issue in New Zealand the kids can’t have positive sports game without getting yelled at about what they’re doing wrong. 
The most effected sports are often team sport where the kids have to work together. This is hard when they have other parents telling them what to do. When the parents yell they are not always just yelling at the kids. One of the most effected person is the referee, yup that’s right the referee the parents often yell at them for making a wrong call or if the decision doesn’t fall into their favour. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for a ref to make any decision. 
The parents yelling can also cause fights. If a parents disagree with what other parents are saying that can cause conflict between them and eventually cause them to fight. Just because they disagree about something that happened at their own children’s sports games.It also happens on a professional level in national and international sports. Lots of important games are ruined by people who get angry at the game. Some of the time it’s people who bet a lot of money on the game. But most of the time it’s fans who will do anything for their team to win. This is a major problem and it needs to stop its effecting the way children think about sports

Butterflies personal response 

I thought that the short story butterflies by Patricia Grace had to much dialogue but it had good thought behind the story. Although the story was short the author still got a good point across that some people don’t understand the things that you do because they live a different lifestyle. When the girl read the story to her teacher about killing the butterflies she didn’t understand that that’s what the girl and her grandparents had to do to keep their crops alive and save that catipillers from eating the vegetables.